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Dragon Trance INK.jpg

Hello!  I'm Jason, this site is a view into my art.  I have been successful as a freelance illustrator for several years.  currently I am tying to get into graphic novels and possibly children's books.  My genres of art vary.  Mainly I focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy.  I also enjoy humor and adventure.  I also create video games and I am a decent musician using keyboards.  While I can do well alone I feel that it is finally time to get an agent, manly for graphic novels.  I am 44 years old and I have quite a large portfolio built up, that being said I feel my current level of skill is a bit more advanced and rounded than the samples I have here. BUT the work I've posted is the best I have saved.  I will keep this site simple and give a basic BIO and simply showcase my work.

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