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I am an all around artist who has been successful in freelance Graphic Design & Illustration.    I have done work in the United States, France, & Germany.  Some of my accomplishments include, book covers, beer labels, animated advertisements, tattoos, graphs, and several nation wide contest accomplishments including a victory on a DeviantArt Contest for the movie "Riddick"

I am excellent with Photoshop and I can work both traditionally with ink as well as an electronic drawing tablet.  I feel my writing skills to be another great strength of mine.  Growing up in central New York, I was surrounded by creative inspirations from friends as well

as my environment.  I also owe a lot to my family who never told me in anyway that my art was negative or childish.  My inspirations are Frank Frazetta, Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird, Beatrix Potter, J.K.Rowling, Todd McFarlane, Joe Mad & many others

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